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Nitro Z9 reviews

Nitro has been building up to this boat for several years. What was once a middle-of-the-road, affordable, common bass boat company has just become the exclusive leader of the field, turning heads of fishermen on the water and in the showrooms.

The Nitro 929 CDX model bass boat really brought Nitro to the top of the field. Tournament bass fishermen, whether pro or amateur are a funny group of people. They demand fishing performance and comfort from their boats yet they can't seem to get away from the NASCAR mentality of speed and power. It is kind of the old pull it out and measure it mentality. You see this before and after the tournaments, at the weigh-in, and at the boat launch. Fishermen congregate around the biggest and best boats and nobody wants to have a competitors boat blow their doors off.

The new Nitro Z-9 will be the boat that everyone drools over and watches go by and bye-bye on the water as it blows the doors off of the competition. It is faster than any of the major bass boat companies on the water. You will see other bass boat companies like Ranger, Skeeter, and Triton scrambling to revamp their boats and production to emulate what Nitro has done with the Z-9.

Size: The Z-9 is about as big as a bass boat gets at 21 feet long with a 96 inch beam. It offers a huge front fishing deck that can be fished from by two grown adults with no problems. Even with about a dozen rods and a net on the deck, there is still plenty of room for both fishermen. This is great during a team tournament where both fishermen work together for one bag or stringer of fish. For the normal every man for himself tournament, this offers the boat owner plenty of room to wander and fight a fish alone on the deck. Under the huge front deck is an enormous amount of storage space. I will get into that later.

The Front Deck: Where the money is made
Underneath the carpeting on the bows front fishing platform is an Anti-Fatigue Padded Comfort Deck. This is one of the best innovations for top-end bass boats. When fishing tournaments, the fisherman commonly stands for seven or more hours while fishing. Some people prefer using a pedestal seat to lean or sit on but most fishermen enjoy the wide open deck space to roam around and make quick movements. When landing a fish they often are down on the deck reaching and rolling, trying to grab a hold of a bass lip. A seat or pedestal can get in the way and many fishermen choose to leave theirs at home. So standing for hours on end can become uncomfortable, bass fishermen wear running sneakers to fight this fatigue factor caused by the up and down waves and motion of the boat. Nitro made the Z-9 even more comfortable with the new technology of undercarpet padding. Picture it like the rubber mats issued by employers at markets for tellers to stand on for long periods of time. They really make a difference!
One thing I really appreciate about the front deck are the strength of the storage lids. I am not a small man, and I even noticed on Nitro's upper model, 929 CDX , that the storage lids would squeak and move while standing on them. The older model Nitro's were notorious for weak storage lids on the decking. The new Z-9's storage lids are rock solid underfoot. I have found zero play or movement while fishing on the front deck. They remain light weight, made from aircraft quality aluminum. They are insulated and have welded corners for added strength and stability.

The Trolling Motor foot pedal is recessed into the front deck. This has become standard on most new top-end bass boats. This allows the driver to have a lower view of the water ahead of him. It also improves on the overall look and sleekness of the boat. After all, sleekness is the look that designers are after when designing a new boat. The pedal is also out of the way except for when needed. The recessed pocket also acts as a holder keeping the control pedal from sliding or twisting on the fisherman.

The electrical panel on the bow is built flush to the rail for an attractive look. The electrical system on the bow includes the Panel, Trolling Motor Receptacle, Anchor Light Switch, Trim Switch and Room for an Additional Depth Finder.

The storage on these new bass boats just keeps getting better and better and the Nitro Z-9 is no exception. Everything has a specific place which is nice. Their is a built in holder under one of the compartments for the bow light and pole. The rod locker has individual tubes for each rod which will protect the tips and guides of the high money rods. There are spots for 12 rods and reels. The tackle compartments are huge and offer storage on the underside of each lid for individual soft/plastic lure bags and lures. Also on the front deck storage is a cooler, a dry storage box, scent storage compartment, paddle and life jacket compartment. Each lid has a hydraulic lift rod and internal light. these are features you don't see on many boats. There is more storage in this hull than I have ever seen. If you fill them up then you are bringing too much stuff out on the water.
Under the drivers seat is a pull out storage drawer. Under the drivers console is another storage drawer. All storage compartments on this boat are equipped with locks to protect your valuables.

Speed and Performance:
This boat has incredible hole-shot. This means it can get up and go in a hurry from a dead stop. This is where the Fuzion Technology really comes into play. In order to get the most horsepower from your outboard, it is important to have a strong, light, and well designed hull. Fuzion offers all of these on the Nitro Z-9. It is amazingly larger but weighs 300 pounds less then the last model. This increases performance and fuel economy. It is stronger by more than double the conventional fiberglass hulls. It has a 65 percent glass fiber content which eliminates any flex which is common at the high speeds and rough waters these boats encounter in their lifetime. Speed has been increased by 8 percent on this boat because of its light weight and strength. Let me just say, Over 80 miles per hour!
It has been clocked at 86 mph with the Mercury 300 XS outboard. With the 250 mercury XS, top speeds of 80 mph were reached. This boat achieves greater speeds with less horsepower than equally sized competitors boats because of the Fuzion Technology.

What is Fuzion?:
Hundreds of different Bass boat models and millions of products are made from fiberglass. Nitro has invented a new exclusive process in fiberglass production. This will revolutionize the industry.
Fiberglass: I think to understand the new Fuzion technology, one must understand just what fiberglass is and the process to make it. It is a material made from extremely small fibers of glass intertwined and mixed with a hardening resin, usually an epoxy. Together they form a bond that is incredibly strong and can be molded to any shape or size. For instance, a Corvette body is made from fiberglass. Bass boat manufacturers use fiberglass construction for their hulls because it is stronger than foam, lighter then steel and cheaper/easier to mold than aluminum.

Fuzion:The new technology is the exclusive Nitro resin delivery system with vacuum assist that infuses fiberglass cloth and reinforcement elements with the optimal amount of resin. Using a closed mould and vacuum process, resin is pulled into every possible space in a long and slender fashion that ensures even distribution and full saturation through out the part being formed. The glass to resin content ratio is up to 65 percent instead of the 33 percent used in conventional open moulded fiberglass models.
It might be easier to understand if you picture a home kitchen vacuum storage system. They suck the resin into the cloth rather then spray it on layer by layer. You will see much more of this technology in other fiberglass products in many fields.
This technology produces a fishing vessel that is much stronger and lighter then previous models and competitors current models. You can expect better fuel efficiency with a lighter boat, more speed with a stronger hull and, extreme quickness with easy planing and sharper handling.

Features: From the Nitro Z-9 Brochure

-Remote Oil Fill
-Anti-Fatigue Padded Comfort Bow Deck
-Built-in Tournament Ruler and Holder
-Retractable Rod Holder Straps
-Two Molded-in Steps to get onto the Back Deck
-Exclusive Integrated Fold Down Reboarding Ladder
-Stainless Steel Bow and Stern Eyes
-Stainless Steel Passenger Grab Rails
-Anti-Splash Reverse Flow Transom
-22 oz. Plush Marine Grade Carpet on Deck and Floor
-Custom Molded Soft Touch Console Shroud
-Multi-Function Gauges w/ Speedometer, Tachometer, Voltmeter, Fuel Gauge, Water Pressure, Trim Gauge
-Oil Reservoir Level Indicator
-Molded Tinted Plexiglass Windshield
-Soft Touch Digital Switches
-Bow Panel w/ Trolling Motor Receptacle, Anchor Light Switch, Trim Switch and Room for Additional Depth Finder
-Lighted Bow and Rod Storage
-1600 GPH Bilge Pump
-Two Interstate Heavy Duty Trolling Batteries
-Interstate Cranking Battery
-2-Bank 10 Amp On Board Battery Charger
-Trolling Motor Power Distribution Panel w/ 3-50 Amp Circuit Breakers
-Lowrance® X25 C Fish Finder w/GPS
-Bow Deck Step-Up Cooler and Trash Receptacle
-Insulated Aluminum Lids w/ Welded Corners
-Lockable Bow and Aft Storage Compartments
-Tackle Management System
-MotorGuide 24-Volt, 82 lb. Thrust, 45" Shaft, Foot Control Trolling Motor

There are two livewells, side by side, under the back deck. They each hold 18 gallons of water and many pounds of fish. They are equipped with 2- 500 gallon per hour aerator fill pumps which can be used with timers. These are no hassle no worry pumps. They also have 2- 750 gallon per hour recirculator pumps, both with timers. They also have dual remote drain controls, a pump out system, and they are shaped with rounded corners. I prefer a one piece livewell with a divider but these are great livewells, never had a problem with them. They also have an Oxygen Generation System in each side of the livewell. This is a new feature for top end bass boats that the pro fisherman have pushed boat builders to add. When the life or death of a fish in a livewell means the difference of close to a million dollars, these Aerators become very important.



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