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Easy day.......WRONG!!!

Went to work this morning thinking it was going to be an easy day.WRONG!!! All I had was a skid-steer loader to service and do some blacksmithing on.

Didn't even make it to the store where I get my coffee and doughnut (3 miles).Get a call from a guy that was on his way to a job and his truck dropped a couple cylinders.I get to the shop and he was waiting on me to put it on the puter to find out why. He lost a coil pack.I get him going and start to work on the skid-steer and I get another call. Another guys truck loses a vacuum pump. I get it towed to another shop so I didn't have to work on it. I get him another truck to drive while his is being repaired.

I think to myself I am good to go because it is now 9:00 and haven't had anymore pressing calls that have to be done right now, so I get started fixing the bent up parts on the loader an then another guy calls that is on a job in northern KY (80 miles away) to tell me that he is over on his oil change buy 200 miles. I tell him that I will get it in on Mon or Tues. Then he starts telling me that he got ran out of the road this morning and curbed his right front tire and put a cut in the sidewall al the way to the belts. I tell him to put his spare on and I will get it when I do the oil change.

Ten minutes later he calls back and starts to tell me that his truck has been getting a bad vibration for the past 2 weeks or so and getting worse. He was getting off of the interstate this morning and when he let off of the gas it started shaking the dash to the point that it was spilling his coffee.

This truck is the truck I had before the one I have now so I kind of know what this truck has had done to it. It had some drive shaft problems when I had it for a while so I was telling him to look at the driveshaft to make sure it was not coming out of the transmission. He calls me back and said that it was about to fall out.

Now here's where I get busy. Remember he is 80 miles away and both of our semi's were out moving equipment so I had to hook to one of our 30' gooseneck trailers with my work truck and go get the truck.I get up there around 1:00 and crawl under the truck and there ain't nothing wrong with the driveshaft. I was pissed. he was pointing at stuff saying look at that ,that ain't right.
I knew then that he is trying to get the company to get him a new truck.I can understand why it has 280,000 miles on it.

So I load it up and tell him that I will try and get it done today so he could pick it up when he got in today.I get all the way back to Frankfort (15 miles from the shop) and a light comes on on my truck putting it in limp mode. We have another truck that has been going into limp mode every now and then while towing a heavy load and he is able to pull over and shut the truck off and restart it to reset the light.

I forgot to mention that I have some o-ring that are bad on my truck that is causing a no start problem every now and then.I pull over at the nearest pull off and shut it off......Guess what.....NO START!!!

Now I am sitting on the side of the road with a piece of chit Ford on a trailer behind my piece of chit Ford truck and I'm grossing 30,000# that has a GCWR of 24,500# on a busy 4 lane highway.I was just waiting for a DOT to pull up behind me.

I knew that my wife was in Frankfort so I called her to give me a jump because I ran the batterys down trying to get it started.Not happening!! I get a hold of one of the truck drivers and he was close to the shop.Now I have to figure out how to get 2 trucks and a 30' trailer to the shop.

If I had a 48' gooseneck I would have hooked the Dodge to it and took it all in. Boy that would have made a good picture.I called one of our other trucks that has a gooseneck ball and he came and got the trailer with the one truck and we put mine on the semi.

We get to the shop at 4:00 and I still have to finish the skid-steer because they need it on Monday. I hook a charger to my truck while I work on the loader and when I get done with the loader I try my truck 1 more time. Fired right up... emoticon

I put the truck with the bad drive shaft on the rack and raise it up and go to inspecting a little closer and like I said there ain't chit wrong with the driveshaft.Get to looking around at stuff that would cause this problem and found that the right rear tire has came apart.Yes all of this for a bad tire that I could have brought him another spare to get him home with. emoticon

While I was gone one of the truck drivers changed to oil in the loader for me so I thought finally something going my way. Wrong again. I get on the loader to pull it out of the shop and when I started it oil went everywhere. emoticon

Thought I was going to get a short week @ 48 hours and end up getting 53.

Other than that it was a pretty good day. Can't wait for Monday to do it all over again. emoticon


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Re: Easy day.......WRONG!!!

Sounds like a chitty day but not as bad as the squirrels.

Oct/9/2010, 9:22 am Link to this post Email bonsaibp   PM bonsaibp

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